2-door, 4-door or office refrigerators

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TVs from 32 to 90 inches

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A wide range of washing machines

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Many types of ovens in stock

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Standard or integral dishwashers

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Dry with a condenser or pipe

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Extensive selection of sizes and technologies

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Selection of stove with gas, electric, induction

Up to


Everything your kitchen needs

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Top ACs, portable or air coolers

Up to


Manual vacuum cleaners, robots or trailers

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Huge supply of microwaves and toasters

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Wine refrigerators


Mosquito repellent

Meat grinder


Hand blender

Electric pots on sale

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Kettles on sale

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Toaster oven on sale

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Ninja products on sale

TVs on sale

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Home theater systems on sale

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Why Zabilo?

ביקורות חיוביות בגוגל

4.7 stars out of 5

A rating of 4.7 out of 5 in Google reviews reflects our desire to provide the highest level of service.

תו אמון הציבור

Public trust mark

Zabilo has a public trust mark, this certificate is a stamp of reliability and service at the highest level.

משלוחים מהירים

Fast deliveries

Delivery service is available all over the country, fast deliveries that arrive at the customer's home.

זבילו מהחברות הצומחות ביותר

15th of the 50 growing companies

Zabilo is in 15th place in the list of the 50 fastest growing companies for 2017 to 2020.

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