fan 16 "Hemilton HEM-615

fan 16 "Hemilton  HEM-615
  • fan 16 "Hemilton  HEM-615
fan 16 "Hemilton  HEM-615
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149 ₪

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Reference : HEM-615
shipping cost : 39 ₪
Brand : Hemilton
Importer : המילטון (Hemilton)
Stock : In Stock
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  • 3 speeds
  • 3 wings
  • White color
  • Quiet operation
  • One year warranty from the Official importer in Israel המילטון (Hemilton) - Subject to the importer's regulation
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    They said about us ...

    fan 16 "Hemilton  HEM-615

    Official importer
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    The Hemilton group was founded in Israel in 1990 by Aaron's family.
    The company is leader in the importation, marketing and distribution of electrical, electronic and technology. It provides an excellence customer service for its products.
    The company imports products from many categories such as technology products: smartphones and tablets, televisions, appliances, heaters and air conditioners, games and also a large electrical products such as refrigerators and ovens. Hamilton Group is the exclusive franchise of many brands like: HEMILTON, AKAI, Xiaomi, SANSUI, MIDEA, JEFFREY ADAMS, and more.
    The vision of the company is to meet the highest standards while maintaining quality and innovation, providing the best value to their customers.

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    Official importer
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    fan 16 "Hemilton  HEM-615

    fan 16 "Hemilton HEM-615

    149 ₪