Dyson Air Purifier Fan - FORMALDEHYDE - Official importer - TPO9

Reference : TP09
Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4
  • Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4
  • Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4
  • Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4
Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4
Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4 Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4 Dyson Air Purifier + Fan - Official importer - TPO4
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Reference : TP09
shipping cost : 99 ₪
Brand : Dyson
Importer : ב.נ.ז.כ (B.N.Z.C)
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Why buy me
Why buy me +
  • Control via remote control or app
  • Continuously detects and destroys formaldehyde
  • Integrated sensors constantly analyze the air
  • HEPA and activated carbon filters that trap dust, allergens and pollutants
  • 2 years warranty from the Official importer in Israel ב.נ.ז.כ (B.N.Z.C) - Subject to the importer's regulation
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    They said about us ...

    Dyson Air Purifier Fan - FORMALDEHYDE - Official importer - TPO9

    Identifies and destroys formaldehyde
    Captures dust, allergens and removes 99.95% of particles up to 0.1 micron
    Air filter and fan

    Our new air filter continuously filters, detects and destroys formaldehyde.
    It combines a formaldehyde sensor in precise solid state with a unique catalytic purifier that continuously destroys formaldehyde.
    HEPA and activated carbon filters also trap dust, allergens, gases and other tiny pollutants.
    Dyson air filters with powerful Multip Air Multiplier technology for filtering the entire room.

    Formaldehyde catcher
    Dyson's Catalytic Filter constantly captures and breaks down formaldehyde molecules
    For water and carbon dioxide and does not need to be replaced.
    Dyson Air Purifier Large living space purifier

    Formaldehyde ID
    Dyson's new filters use a solid state sensor to detect
    Formaldehyde molecules 500 times smaller than 0.1 micron.
    Maintains accuracy throughout the life of the device.
    Close-up of a solid formaldehyde sensor

    Captures gases and particles
    The HEPA filter captures 99.95% of the particles up to 0.1 micron. Layer of
    Activated carbon also removes odors and gases including VOCs.
    Diagram of a Dyson filtration system

    Sealed to HEPA H13
    Dyson's new filters not only meet the HEPA H13 standard,
    But the whole device. What goes inside, stays inside.
    Illustration showing a completely sealed air purifier

    Analyzes and reports automatically
    Integrated sensors constantly analyze the air, while using our unique algorithm
    Crosses data every second. It diagnoses pollutants at the molecular level and presents the
    The results on the LCD monitor.
    Internal sensing technology and LCD display showing air quality

    Filters all the air in the room
    Only in Dyson filters thanks to the powerful airflow, the device captures
    Contaminates and radiates filtered air throughout the room.
    Close-up of a catalytic canal

    Diverts airflow through the back of
    the device. For air filtration mode only.
    Filtered air is emitted from the back of the filter.

    Refrigerator in summer
    In warmer weather, serves as a fan and producer
    Filtered and powerful air flow.
    An image showing a powerful and cooling airflow

    Quiet 20% quieter
    Acoustic engineering to reduce vortices, so he
    Quieter by 20% than the previous model.
    Figure showing quieter performance

    Control via app
    Air quality control and monitoring from anywhere
    Using the Dyson Link app.
    Close-up of a mobile phone monitor with the Dyson Link app

    Has an oscillation range of up to 350 °
    Adjustable oscillation angle for filtering air around
    The whole room.
    Arrows show a rotation of 350 degrees

    Remote Control
    Magnetic remote control, for neat storage on top
    the device.
    Remote control on the air purifier

    Easy maintenance
    Easy and simple replacement of the filter units.
    With automatic on-screen filter life alerts
    The LCD or in the Dyson Link app.
    A person replaces a purifier

    Sleep mode
    For those with light sleep. Using silent settings
    Most and dimmed display.
    Dyson air filter in a dark bedroom with a person sleeping peacefully

    Voice control
    For non-contact control with custom voice services.
    Illustration of voice control

    Authorized Energy Star

    Did you know? The air in the house is polluted up to 5 times the air outside
    Indoor pollution factors
    External air pollution - Dust, fumes emitted from vehicles, pollution from construction areas and particles of material can penetrate your home and get trapped in it.
    Pollen - Plants and flowers may release pollen into the room space.
    Animals - May spread microscopic material throughout the house and shed hair.
    Scented candles - Candles that distribute benzene and formaldehyde into the room during combustion.
    Home heating - Material particles may be emitted as a result of combustion during a fire.
    Materials found in furniture, walls, carpets and floors - may emit materials such as formaldehyde.
    Air fresheners and perfumes - may release volatile organic compounds into the space, including benzene.
    Cooking stove - Steam and odors may be emitted from gas-fired stoves during the cooking process.
    Detergents - May contain benzene, volatile vapors and household odors.

    Smart sensors
    Led display that shows in real time the airflow speed, filter life, different air pollution levels,
    The polluting particles, night mode for automatic shut-off and device operation. Particle Detector Sensors, Nitrogen Dioxide,
    Humidity and temperature and constantly monitor the air quality in the room.
    A unique algorithm processes the data and activates the device to capture pollutants and radiate clean air.

    Indoor Air Quality Index (AQI) shows the current air quality inside the closed enclosure.
    The 10 PM particulate matter displays particles smaller than 10 microns, including pollen, dust and animal scales.
    Particulate matter PM 2.5 measures microscopic particles smaller than 2.5 microns, including smoke, bacteria and allergens.
    Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Gases released as a result of combustion and may be harmful.
    Includes cigarette smoke, candles and gas stoves.
    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) gases released from a wide range of sources, such as sprays, deodorants,
    Perfumes, scent diffusers and air purifiers. These include formaldehyde and benzene, vapors and odors commonly found in homes.
    Filter life - Displays the remaining life of a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter so you can know which one to replace, and when.

    Technical data
    Weight 4.85 kg
    Base diameter 22 cm
    Height 105 cm
    The length of the cable is 1.88 meters
    HEPA H13 filter
    Angle - 350 ° oscillation range
    Speed ​​- 10 speed levels
    White-gold finish
    Net power source

    Comments and highlights
    Tests of an entire device by a third party in accordance with GB / T Standard 18801 2015.
    Cumulative clean mass test of formaldehyde with continuous injection until a CADR level of formaldehyde is achieved.
    The rate of gas capture may vary.
    Tested for 0.1 micron filtration efficiency (EN1822, ISO29463).
    Particle challenge by DEHS oil specified in EN1822 within a cell specified in ASTM F3150.
    Tested according to DTM - 004533.
    Requires device to run apps, Wi-Fi or mobile data, support for Bluetooth 4.0 and iOS version 10 or Android
    Version 5 (and above).
    Please refer to the Dyson Link app for compatible voice services.
    We challenged our air filtration device with an airborne A (H1N1 virus) in an independent laboratory.

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    12 Business Days
    Number of payments
    to x24 without fees
    Official importer
    Type Of Vacuum & Cleaner
    Without Bag

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    Delivery :
    12 Business Days
    Number of payments
    to x24 without fees
    Official importer
    Type Of Vacuum & Cleaner
    Without Bag

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