Why Zabilo ?

European model service

Reliability, service, professionalism and technology - these are our cornerstones
Zabilo brings a different service model to the Israeli market - a European service model.
Beyond market-breaking promotions and the use of artificial intelligence technology, our service is based on the European service model that believes in creating a relationship with the customer based on reliability, transparency and professionalism.
We believe in the highest level of service and user experience, from our user friendly browser to talking to our service representatives.
The digital purchase on the site is friendly, accessible and professional, and allows you to choose which language is right for you: Hebrew, English or French.
Our service representatives by phone or chatbot, are at your disposal with professionalism and courtesy and will answer all questions in a variety of languages: Hebrew, English and French.
We believe in customer satisfaction

Our reliability ...

Zabilo has a public trust mark

Our customers know they are purchasing safely and from a trusted company.
Zabilo is happy and proud to be part of the same small group of sales sites that hold the title of 'Public Trust Mark'
The public trust mark is the greatest affirmation for fairness, transparency, due diligence, service and law enforcement. The character declares and confirms that "Zabilo"  operates with the highest fairness and commits to the highest standards

4.7 stars out of 5

Most of the customers are satisfied

Our customers are satisfied :)

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and an easy, simple and pleasant shopping experience so that you will be satisfied. We believe in our customers and already know that satisfied customers come back to us to buy Zabilo again and also happily recommend us

חוות דעת עלינו

How do we know?

The internet giant Google, which is the most trusted body on the web for reviews has flattered us
Google conducts rigorous reviews based on authentic results and reliable reviews given by people who visited our site, purchased our products and wrote reviews
We were very excited to see the results: our customers are very satisfied - thank you!

Our technology ...

Zabilo is a website that allows an online shopping mall experience with the best appliances in a wide range of categories of the best brands.
The system we developed uses innovative and advanced AI technology, it scans the market and up to date prices at any given moment and thus, allows you to get different products at competitive prices so you can choose the most affordable and suitable deal for you.
We also believe in Critical thinking, a method of thinking based on facts, reviews and lessons learned, so we improve our service and purchasing experience and give you the best.

Best price - no small print

We at Zabilo believe in free market policy and real price competition without compromising on quality of service and without any small print. For you to get the best price, we allow small suppliers to offer you a variety of recommended products, which is why we created a large database with a selection of different suppliers offering the most competitive prices.
In addition, our products have passed our strict quality control test and they meet the highest standards, we only choose products that receive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers from all over the world

About Us…

The founders of Zabilo are experienced high-tech entrepreneurs, from Israel, Europe, USA and Australia - from different parts of the world: this is the story of a true postcard collection, about young people who have already succeeded in various high-tech projects across the world.

They noticed the need for a different kind of service, and wanted to bring a customer care with a personal approach to each customer in Israel - without compromising on price - just like in Europe and the US because the Israeli customer deserves a quality of service, an amazing experience and of course and the best prices.

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