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Zabilo’s goal is to always provide its customers the safest, easiest and most pleasant shopping experience.

For your convenience, several payments methods are available, allowing you to make the best and most suitable selection.

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Which payment methods are available at Zabilo online shopping mall?

Make secured purchases using an existing or new PayPal account.

Payment using a credit card
Payment will be carried out by Tranzila's online credit card processing system. This payment is a secured payment. Tranzila Company meets the highest standards in Israel and worldwide, of credit Card processing and secure payments.
Payment using checks, bank transfer or cash
In case you wish to use one of the three payment methods mentioned above, contact Zabilo's customer service prior to acquisition.
Payment on delivery
Cash payment on delivery is available for some productsof the online shopping mall. In order to use this payment method,a contact with customer service should be made first. Secondly, delivery fee plus 5% from the cost of transaction (without taking delivery fee into consideration) should be paid by credit card. Zabilo is qualified to approve or deny this payment method based on the company's personal preferences.

Calculates monthly payments on the product page

The price of monthly payments displayed on the product page is not accurate.
There is a slight deviation between the amount of payments and the price displayed on the site.
For a complete calculation of the monthly payment price, please consider using a calculator or call customer service.

Can I pay with foreign currency?
No. Just Israeli New Shekels (ILS- ₪ is available).

Can I pay with a foreign credit card?

Yes, a foreign credit card payment in the online shopping mall is available. The social security space on the payment page must be filled with the numbers 000000000 (the number 0, nine times), in order for the credit card processing system to be able to conduct this sort of payment. It's important to mention that a payment using a foreign credit card declines an option for installment payments. According to the company's statutes, a purchase made by a foreign credit card that will not be authorized or provided to the customer, and Zabilo is permitted to act accordingly for a safe and flawless purchase.

I have made a purchase on Zabilo's online shopping mall, how would I know the transaction was successful?

When a purchase is made on Zabilo's online shopping mall, an E-mail containing the approval of transaction will be sent to our customers. Later on, a receipt will be sent to the customer within the time frame of one business day after the purchase.In addition, during receiving/collecting purchased items, an invoice approving the transaction will be issued.

What should I do in case I've lost the invoice/receipt?

In that case,contact to our customer service center by one of the means of communication.

How does Tranzila conduct the credit card processing?

During ordering on the website, credit card details are transferred through a secured channel onto Tranzila's credit card processing system, in order to execute the payment by receiving an approval of transaction from the credit company.
It should be noted that the Tranzila company meets the highest standards in Israel and worldwide of a credit card processing company, in both aspects of security and privacy.
The credit card processing system transfers the details of business transaction to the credit companies for authorization. After authorization has been granted by the credit company, the credit card processing progression takes place, until eventually the customer is being charged. This entire process occurs in real time, in a reliable, safe, efficient and comfortable manner to all sides involved.


Does Zabilo stores credit cards details?

No!Credit card details are confidential and automatically entered into Tranzila's internal system. Due to that, Zabilo doesn't have a direct access to credit information. By the end of the credit card transactions, all credit data is erased immediately.
In case I want to cancel transaction I made on Zabilo, what should I do?
You may cancel a transaction made on Zabilo's website (Subject to regulations). In that case, you must address at first, our customer service center by phone or E-mail to inform them about your cancellation.
Since credit details aren’t being stored by the system, we will contact you in order to cancel the transaction as quickly and comfortably as possible.


When will my account be charged after the transaction?

If there's a bank confirmation, the account will be charged immediately. All other issues related to account debits or credit lines, should be addressed to the credit card company or the bank representative. Zabilo doesn't have any access to data about the client's confidential details.

What can I do if my payment is declined?

In case of an unauthorized payment, another payment method can be attempted or alternatively addressing the bank/credit card company. In case payment cancellation occurs due to a malfunction of Zabilo's website, inform our customer service and we will work to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Do you accept American Express credit card? How about debit cards?

Yes. Zabilo tends to enable the entireclientele, paying on the online shopping mall. A debit card, based on its features, usually won't allowinstallment payments.

Are installment payments available?How many payments? Are fees included?

On Zabilo's online shopping mall, 24 interest free payments are available (applies to most products). In case you wish to determine an amount of payment different than the option available on the credit card processing page, contact our customer service center, and we'll be happy to assist.


Can I pay after receiving the products I ordered?

It is possible within the following circumstances; Cash payment on Zabilo's offices while picking up packages or on delivery while 5% of the transaction's cost plus cost of shipment had been paid in advanced and was received in Zabilo's system.

Important clarifications- read before ordering

Zabilo does all in its power in order to maintain a safe and pleasant purchase experience for its customers. In favor of the privacy of our customers, Credit card details will not be obtained on Zabilo's systems in any way.
Zabilo has the choice not to authorize a transaction, charge an account, provide an invoice, etc. Zabilo has "zero tolerance" towards theft, fraud, or identity theft. Such cases will be directly reported to the Israeli Police.

Zabilo does all in its power to ensure top level secured payments in Israel and Worldwide. 

We invite you to consult us in case you have further questions about the payment methods.

Have a pleasant purchase,

Zabilo team.