Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon will my shipment reach its destination?

Shipments arrive between 1 and 12 business days* according to our shipping policies, unless otherwise stated on the product page on It should be noted that there will be changes in exceptional cases mentioned below.

* Days - refers to business days from the moment the transaction is approved by the credit company

We pride ourselves on our fast delivery service hence is committed to working only with the most advanced and reliable shipping services in Israel.In 95% of the cases the shipments reached their destination in 5 business days or less.

How is the shipment coordinated?

A representative of the shipping company will contact you a day prior to its execution for the purpose of coordination. The call will determine the day and range of hours for receiving the shipment. This operation will be conducted directly with the transportation company. In case of a discrepancy in shipping times, you will be able to schedule an alternate shipping time directly with the shipping company. After coordination of the delivery time, you are responsible for being available for delivery. In addition, you will be updated about 30 minutes before delivery.

What shipping services does offer?

Zabilo Pick-Up: A self-collection service from Zabilo’s offices located in central Tel Aviv. Collection will be carried out by you, the customer, up to two weeks from initial reception of e-mail or other update that informs you of the arrival of the product.

Zabilo Pick & Drive: Our special service, which delivers the product to the customer’s vehicle saving the customer the stress of having to look for a parking space.

Shipping for Big Electrical Appliances: Big electrical appliances will be supplied by an external shipping company. Shipping times in this case depend, among other things, on the availability of the shipping company relative to the destination location of the shipment. The shipping cost is valid for delivery up to the second floor without an elevator (including columns), and beyond that the additional charge will be billed directly to you (the customer) by the delivery company.

Delivery of products up to 25 kg: Delivery of "light weight” products will be provided by Cheeta Company. A valid and available telephone number for the coordination and reception of the shipment must be provided. For deliveries to special areas (“ezorim chariguim”), please make sure that the locality to which you ordered the products is in the list of special zones. For more information, you can contact Zabilo’s customer service center at 03-6044011. If delivery is made to the settlement, you will be charged 50% more than the shipping value specified on the product.

Mail Delivery: Mail delivery can be done through the "Doar Rashum", "Doar 24" or Standard Mail service depending on the shipping type specified on the product during the purchase process. In order to maintain a reliable mail delivery, a precise address must be specified including entrance, apartment, zip code, etc.

Cheeta Box: Pick-up from the centers spread throughout the country.Service centers are available 6 days a week. When sending the package to the center, an SMS message will be sent to the customer. For the nearest focal location, contact the Cheeta National Center @ 02-6515575

Are there regular handling or shipping fees?

Handling fees are fixed and embodied in the shipping price shown on the product. However, the shipping fees vary according to the overall weight, type and delivery conditions of the shipment.Special care will be taken to protect all fragile packages and objects. The shipping charges listed on the product page do not include charges for unusual shipping. Any such transport shall be paid directly to the carrier. You can see details below.

Does the payment go directly to the shipping company?

Zabilo is committed to providing fast and reliable shipments to the entire country. For this purpose we use the services of external companies that deliver the shipments safely to their destinations. Payment for the shipment is delivered directly to the delivery person, so there is no need to directly pay to the carrier for normal transport.

Delivery time as indicated on the Product Page?

Delivery time as indicated on the Product Page is valid only in the case where the customer approves the appointment given by the delivery company.

A customer who has declined the first appointment proposed by the delivery company will see the delivery time, previously indicated, modified. The delivery time will probably be later than the indicated time lag.

At, we do not engage in any case on a delivery hour. The indicated date (if indicated) on the Product Page is the maximum delivery delay of the product to the address indicated by the customer when ordering.

In the event that the customer has not answered the first call from the delivery company, the delivery delay will change without previous notice. 

What should I do if I want to determine shipping to a remote / unusual area?

In the case of shipping destinations beyond the Green Line or remote destinations, please contact our customer service. The condition for these shipments will be determined individually. Please refer to the "exceptional delivery areas" page.

Shipping to exceptional areas will be provided to you, the customer for up to 14 business days and the shipping cost will be doubled for each product to about 150% its original cost. It should be noted that Zabilo invests considerable resources in order to provide fast shipments to distant and / or exceptional destinations, so that shipping times will usually be shorter. We would be happy to contact you before purchase so we can find out the exact delivery times suitable for you.

If I ordered a product whose shipping cost is "free" for an area from the list of exceptional areas, is there an additional charge?

Yes, if a product whose shipping cost is "free" for a Ezor Charig, from the list at the following link: "Exceptional shipping areas", has been purchased, there may be an additional cost for the shipment. Please contact our customer service center for inquiries and payment arrangements.

Are there any details that I need to clarify before ordering a shipment?

Before ordering a shipment, we recommend that you measure the doors and doorways through which the products you intend to purchase will pass through especially if you want to purchase big appliances. The product size is updated on the product page.

Is there an additional cost for dismantling a purchased product?

For any change in the structure of the product or an action that must be performed in order to complete the transportation and delivery service, the customer will be charged an additional cost of NIS 120-250 depending on the work performed. You may contact us by phone at 03-6044011 if the shipment for the product you purchased or intend to purchase may incur an additional fee of this type.

Is there an additional cost for sending electrical appliances to a building without an elevator?

The cost of delivery is valid for delivery up to the second floor without a lift, and additional charges will be charged for each additional floor without a lift at a cost of NIS 50 and for each product separately.For electronic waste starting from the third floor without an elevator, the additional payment of NIS 50 will be made by the same method per floor and per product.

Is there an additional cost for shipping regarding floor(s) inside the house/apartment?

Yes. The additional fee is NIS 50 /floor inside the house/apartment, that need to pay directly toward the delivery person. 

This additional fee is relevant for each floor above or below the ground floor / the floor of the entry door of the house/apartment. For each floor above or below, the price is NIS 50 per floor. 

It is important to note that in the event that the customer wishes to get rid of an old product and the old product is above or below the ground floor/ / the floor of the entry door of the house/apartment, there will be an additional fee of NIS 50/floor to pay directly toward the delivery person. 

I just bought a product on, it was FREE DELIVERY. Now I want to cancel / return / replace it. Should I pay for the delivery?

When the customer wants to return / replace the product(s)  and it’s FREE DELIVERY, the customer must return the product (s) to location in Tel Aviv (Yavneh 40).

If the customer wishes, he/she can use our shipping service to return the product. This service is not free. To rate the price, please call 036044011 or send an e-mail to our customer service department:

In the case where the customer has placed an order but wishes to cancel it before receiving it, he / she will have to pay the delivery when a delivery certificate has been issued (in the case where cancellation was not made by mutual agreement between the client and

The reasons why the order can be canceled by mutual agreement between the customer and, or by can be the following: the product is out of stock, the delivery time has not has been respected, the product received is not the product ordered (it represents a significant difference with the description).

If the site is undergoing renovation work, or if the building is blocked for shipping, is it my duty to update?

If there is a TAMA or the building itself is blocked for shipment, notice must be made when making the purchase or as soon as possible.

Are there any details that the shipping cost does not include?

The cost does not include the use of a crane, a protected vehicle, etc. If there is a need for exceptional delivery, contact us through one of the media in order to coordinate and provide details in advance.

Please note that the shipments include handling and packing fees and therefore no additional fees are charged.

What should I do if I want to change the destination address of the shipment?

If you wish to change the shipping time and / or the shipping address, please make a change in coordination with the Zabilo Customer Service Center, at least 24 hours prior to the planned shipment date. In the event that no prior warning or the absence of the customer is given or in the case of a customer that is not available at the time of receiving the pre-determined shipment, the cost of the additional shipment is paid directly by the customer to the moving company (loading, transport etc.).

For Cheeta, a fee of NIS 25 will be charged for other shipments; a fee equal to the cost of the shipment will be charged.

Can I track my order?

It is possible to track an order and the shipment by means of an identification number that will be sent by e-mail after the purchase, for Cheeta and a registered mail only.

In any other case, please contact customer service.

I entered a full address and the shipment did not reach its destination, what should I do?

If a full and correct address has been entered and the shipment has not reached its destination, contact us through one of the media outlets and’s customer service will deal with the issue as soon as possible.

What should I do if I do not have an exact address or a partial or incorrect address?

In the absence of an address or providing a partial or incorrect address, the customer shall bear the liability and the associated costs. In order to avoid any inconvenience, the shipping destination address must be updated as soon as possible.

If I want to collect an old electrical appliance when I receive the new device, what should I do?

Today, according to Israeli law, consumers have the right to transfer the "electronic waste", that is, the old product compared to the new one from which the new product was purchased. The electronic waste must be of the same type as the new product, and in its collection, the carrier will not be harmed by the process (for example, a gas emitted or a rusted product that cannot be removed by regular means).

Notify at the time of booking and update that you wish for electronic waste collection from your home to make room for the new product you purchased. An additional fee will be charged for collecting electronic waste from the third floor (inclusive) without a lift - NIS 50 for each floor and for each product.

If I want my order to arrive after 12-business days/at a special date what should I do?

You can receive the shipment after 12 business days.

For this purpose, please inform us when making the purchase that you want to receive the product beyond the maximum time of delivery. In addition, you must update us again 12 business days before the time you have chosen the product to reach its destination.

It should be noted that the shipments are provided by an outside company and the shipping times in this case depend, inter alia, on the availability of the shipping company relative to the destination location of the shipment.

I received the product (s) I ordered packed in their original packaging, what should I do?

When receiving a shipment of product(s) that do not require installation by a technician (e.g.refrigerators without a kiosk, televisions, freezers, etc.), when the shipment is received and not yet signed, the shipment must be opened in the presence of the carrier. The signing of the receipt of the shipment constitutes confirmation that the product supplied to the customer is proper and ready to be used. If the product is defective, do not sign the receipt of the product; instead contact Zabilo’s Customer Service Center at 03-6044011.

If you receive a shipment of product(s) requiring technician installation, the product should be left in its original packaging. Opening the original packaging before the arrival of the technician may detract from the warranty certificate and or even cancel it, as damage to the product may occur, and thus the warranty certificate may be canceled. During the technician's visit, the electrical device will be inspected and the technician will provide the relevant warranty certificate for the product. If the device is defective, the technician will contact the importer against a picture of the defect in favor of replacement of a defective product for a proper product.

If I received a defective product or a different product from the product I ordered, what should I do?

In the case of a defective product and the malfunction is a technical failure, please contact the importer by telephone and activate the warranty given on the device. If the defect is of another kind, please contact’s Customer Service Center immediately for further complaints.

It should be noted that the cost of transporting, collecting, loading, and returning shipping in the event of a defective product or a product mismatch will not be at the customer's expense. In this case, the cost involved will be the responsibility of the importer of the purchased product.

Important clarifications - Read before making a shipping order: is not responsible for delivery times provided by the stores and by an outside supplier. will not be responsible and will not supply a product that does not enter the elevator, pass through a staircase, the door of the house or any additional openings inside the customer's house through which the product must pass on its way to its destination. The decision will be determined by the carrier providing the purchase to the customer's home. In this case, the shipping cost will not be refunded.


Shipments include handling and packaging fees and the customer will not charge an additional fee.


We invite you to consult with us if you have further questions about shipping that are not mentioned here.


Have a pleasant shopping experience,


The Zabilo Team.