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Portable Air Conditioner
Buy Online portable Air Conditioner for the Best Price in Israel


Buy Portable Air Conditioner at the Best Price Everywhere in Israel - Zabilo

Best Discounts on Portable Air Conditioner in Israel with Zabilo: we have the portable air conditioner you want to purchase, enjoy Great Discounts and Fast Delivery in Israel. Reiceive your portable air conditioner at your door in Israel. Shop Online and Let a Review, Zabilo cares and wants to ensure you have the best online shopping experience possible. sells cheap portable air conditioner in Israel right now. We only sell the best  air conditioner. Whether you are a new customer or a loyal client, our portable air conditioner cheap prices will always remain the same for everyone. Enjoy an incredible israel online shopping english experience with just a few clicks, purchase right now. Zabilo is the best of the best israel online shopping sites among all the appliance stores.


Purchase Online air conditioner for Low Prices in Israel, Brands and Features here: Choose the air conditioner you want among our wide choice of air conditioner. We sell air conditioner from many air conditioner brands : Amcor, Electra, Samsung, Tadiran, Tornado . Zabilo offers air conditioner that will perfectly fit in any house at the best price ! Zabilo offers Big discount and best prices in Israel. Don't waste your time without any air conditioner. Ask for more details if you have questions, clients satisfaction is our number one priority. Get more information about central air conditioner machine by clicking on the products above. Our Tornado air conditioner have the best features possible, choose the best ones.


Best Prices and Fast Delivery, Zabilo offers Cheap air conditioner available everywhere in Israel: You're not just a walking wallet. Find out on Zabilo the best Electra air conditioner at the best price and reviews in Israel. Your air conditioner delivered between 1 and 7 working days. Online Shopping in Israel: quick, cheap, easy and efficient. Get your own Family air conditioner thanks to our daily discounts. Check our deals in our air conditioner category. We have the Family air conditioner you want ! Great Quality, Best Price and Fast Delivery everywhere in Israel, Zabilo follows you wherever you're located in: Rishon LeZion, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Holon, Netanya, Ashdod, Ramat Gan or even Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Bnei Brak, Eilat plus Tiberias, Kiryat Shmona, Krayot, Modiin, Ramla, Kiryat Malachi and more. Find everything you desire on discount in one place, on Zabilo Online Electronics Store.


A New Way to Shop Online with Zabilo Online Appliance Store: air conditioner, portable air conditioner, central air conditioner, Tornado air conditioner, Electra air conditioner, Family air conditioner, Amcor air conditioner, Electra air conditioner, even more like Samsung air conditioner, Tadiran air conditioner and Tornado air conditioner. Wherever you're located in, whatever you call it, the product we sell remains the same ! Zabilo, make the Best Buy Israel. 


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300 ₪ off
TO GO 14
1,599 ₪1,899 ₪Regular pricePrice
TornadoTornado Portable Air Conditioner 1 HP - 9646 BTU - TO GO 14Tornado Portable Air Conditioner 1 HP - 9646 BTU - TO GO 14
TO GO 14
Portable Air Conditioner
  • 1 hp
  • Energy rating A
  • BTU / H cooling output 9,646
  • Heating output 8,216 BTU / H
  • No installation required, portable from place to place with 4 wheels
  • One year warranty from the Official importer in Israel טורנדו (Tornado) - Subject to the importer's regulation
  • 1,599 ₪1,899 ₪Regular price-300 ₪ offPrice
    ₪67 /Month x24
    • to x24 without fees
    • Official importer
    791 ₪ off
    1,999 ₪2,790 ₪Regular pricePrice
    FamilyFamily mobile air conditionner 1.25HP - 12150 BTU - FPA-16H
    Portable Air Conditioner
    • Year 2022 | Energy rating A
    • BTU cooling output 10,150 hp 1.25
    • Portable air conditioner with timer for shabbat
  • One year warranty from the Official importer in Israel פמילי ליין (Family line) - Subject to the importer's regulation
  • 1,999 ₪2,790 ₪Regular price-791 ₪ offPrice
    ₪83 /Month x24
    • to x24 without fees
    • Official importer
    Morphy RichardFan Air Cooler Morphy Richards - White - Large water tank: 5 liters - Timer 7 Hours - Model 65471Fan Air Cooler Morphy Richards - White - Large water tank: 9 liters - Timer 15 Hours - Model 65471
    • 88W power
    • 3 speeds
    • Has wheels for easy and comfortable movement
    • A large 9 liter water tank that lasts long enough
    • Wireless remote control for full control of the device
  • One year warranty from the Official importer in Israel שריג (Sarig) - Subject to the importer's regulation
  • 599 ₪699 ₪Regular price-100 ₪ offPrice
    ₪25 /Month x24
    • to x24 without fees
    • Official importer
    850 ₪ off
    2,149 ₪2,999 ₪Regular pricePrice
    SolFamily Air Conditionner 1.1HP - 10800 BTU - Super Silent - SERIES 2022 - COMFORT 12 PURESol mobile air conditionner 1.25HP - 13000 BTU - ASL-4800CH
    Portable Air Conditioner
    • The year 2022 | Energy rating A
    • BTU cooling output 13,000 HP 1.25
    • Portable air conditioner with water tank, remote control
  • One year warranty from the Official importer in Israel שאוליאן סחר (Shoalin sahar) - Subject to the importer's regulation
  • 2,149 ₪2,999 ₪Regular price-850 ₪ offPrice
    ₪90 /Month x24
    • to x24 without fees
    • Official importer