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MaytagMaytag Gas Dryer - Enamel finish - MDG20
Condenser Dryers
  • Made in the USA, the dryer runs on gas. Dryer with sensors !!
  • Programs: Sound Graduation Program, Delicate Clothes, Anti Creasing.
  • Chris-Cross,
  • Selector to select 4 drying temperatures depending on the type of fabric.
  • Selector for selecting drying time and drying plans.
  • Extra strong dryer that withstands the load of laundry.
  • 7 drying cycles - for dry and wrinkle-free washing.
  • Quiet and especially economical in power consumption.
  • One year warranty from the Official importer in Israel אוריקס דן (Orix dan) - Subject to the importer's regulation
  • 7,699 ₪8,999 ₪Regular price-1,300 ₪ offPrice
    ₪321 /Month x24
    • to x24 without fees
    • Official importer
    1,111 ₪ off
    8,888 ₪9,999 ₪Regular pricePrice
    MaytagMaytag top loading washing machine 8kg - PowerWash - MAT20
    Top-loading Washing Machines
    • Large capacity for a quantity of about 9 kg
    • Extremely fast - washing cycles between 12 and 37 minutes.
    • 13 rinsing cycles - for clean laundry and no soap residue on clothes.
    • Grooved polymer heater for increased laundry cleanliness.
    • Quiet and especially economical in water and electricity consumption.
  • One year warranty from the Parallel imports in Israel אוריקס דן (Orix dan) - Subject to the importer's regulation
  • 8,888 ₪9,999 ₪Regular price-1,111 ₪ offPrice
    ₪370 /Month x24
    • Free Installation
    • to x24 without fees
    • Parallel imports